The primary focus of our Faith Building campaign is to build the first phase of our relocation building plan without debt. Building Phase One without debt is one of our God Goals 2020, which is part of our larger vision to be a church of ordinary people used by God in extraordinary ways.

From Our Pastor

I believe that God has provided us with a unique opportunity through our Faith Building campaign.

Our Call

Campaign Purpose

  • A Multi-Purpose Worship Facility –This facility will serve as a worship center that accommodates 375 seats with expansion capability to 500 seats. The facility also includes storage areas and restrooms with easy access for those with physical challenges;
  • A commons and welcome center area;
  • Children’s ministry and nursery area;
  • Adult education area;
  • Youth Center that will accommodate 75 seats. It also includes a kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, platform and game area;
  • Church Staff offices;
  • Ample parking for those with physical challenges, as well as, drop off areas.
  • Our Phase One relocation encompasses approximately 28,500 square feet.
  • The budget for Phase One is approximately $7 million.

Make A Three-Year Commitment

Understanding that all I/we possess is a gift from God, I/we rejoice in the privilege to participate in the Faith Building campaign.

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